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Benji started in the early 1990s, and has advanced supporting and complete stainless steel pipe production facilities


The company covers an area of 33000 square meters, and is a large stainless steel pipe manufacturer with registered...


The company has an annual output of 16000 tons of stainless steel seamless pipe and 8000 tons...


Benji stainless steel would like to thank all sectors of society and customers for their support...

Zhejiang Benji Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., founded in 2008, has a registered capital of 100 million yuan. The main products are stainless steel seamless pipe, boiler and heat exchanger pipe, condenser pipe, stainless steel welded pipe, stainless steel pipe fittings, stainless steel flange and other products. It is one of the leading brands in the field of stainless steel pipe supporting in China....
South Korea has made a final anti-dumping ruling on China-related stainless steel coils
 中国贸易救济信息网8月2日消息,2021年7月22日,韩国贸易委员会发布第23-2020-3号案件第2021-10号决议,对原产于中国大陆、印度尼西亚和中国台湾地区的不锈钢板卷(Flat-rolled Products of Stainless Steel)作出反倾销终裁:      1.建议对上述国家和地区涉案产品征收7.17%~25.82%反倾销税,其中,中国大陆为23.69%~25.82%、印尼为25.82%、中国台湾地区为7.17%~9.47%。

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